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kids shelf bookcase for kids furniture kindergarten furniture paper tube furniture  
  • paper shelf
Brand: Paper-Made Homeland Model: gzzctj-001
Series: modern simple and detachable Color: white and natural
Material: high weight capacity free formaldehyde pape tube frame accounted for 90% of finished products + E0 melamine board accounted for 7%  + quality pvc connections accounted for 3% Product size: 800*350*800mm
Net weight: 13.5kg Weight capacity: each cube weight capacity 20KG
Cbm: about 0.1 Factory location: Guangzhou city,China


Modern healthy free formaldehyde kids shelf bookcase for kids furniture kindergarten furniture paper tube furniture


Kindergarten furnitrue,home furniture,kids furniture,school furniture,nursery

furniture,nomally used as shelf,bookcase


1) Safety:Non formaldehyde recycled paper tube material accounted

for 90% of the finished product.

2) Process:our extremely careful process make installation super easy,and you

don't need any tools to install.

3) Quality:"Paper-made"for you, to sit, be durable!

The products have passed professional stress test, and wet weather, dry weather

resistance, quality as high quality solid wood furniture.Its load-bearing  capacity,

anti-moisture ability, anti-drying capacity are far more than melamine board furniture

in market.

4) Workmanship: rounded edges - protect children from harm caused by collisions;

Pvc  foot pad at the bottom - protect the product from wear;

High-quality paper whose surface has been waterproof and moisture-proof


StructureOur patented structure, can be durable and repeatedly detachable


Takes about 8 minutes, don't need any tools


1) Safety: most of material composition does not contain formaldehyde,the space

is safer for kids.

2) Low transportation costs: very light paper material, and modular structural

design benifits to carry.

3) Good weight capacity,can be comparable with the quality of solid wood.

4) Patented structure,make users more convenient.


Advantage 1. Non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection, healthy

Advantage 2.Large space to accommodate more items

Advantage 3.high weight capacity,each cube weight capacity over 20kg

Material dispaly:

The main material paper tube,is made by patented machine invented by our factory.Its weight capacity far more than you think.





Yes, it is the paper tube to do the framework! Our paper tube is a patented structural design, although it empty, although it is light, but our paper is no formaldehyde, more environmentally friendly; but it still bear loading, no worry to collapse ; but it is easy to detach, no worry to carry!

Paper frame composition:square paper tube+pvc connections

Attentuion:the pvc connection is our patent,specially made to connect the paper tubes

Installation display:

Align the hole, insert the paper tube into our special connection, and then put the boards on the frame, this shelf installation is so simple.

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