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Product Detail
4-tier 12-cube products display stand made by paper tubes 
Model: gzzj-3-4 Brand: Paper -Made Homeland
Style: modern simple repeatly detachable Color: White and natural
Material: free formaldehyde paper tubes + pvc connections  + melamine board Weight: 35KG
Product size: 1846*342*1800mm Size for each cube(grid): 550*340*380mm
Weight capacity of each cube: 20KG CBM: 0.15cbm
Packing size: 650*380*380mm(paper tubes packing)+696*345*275mm(pvc connections and boards packing) applications: fair,exhibition,office space,bookcake,warehouse,super market


4-tier 12-cube products display stand made by paper tubes


1)Process:our extremely careful process make installation super easy,

and you don't need any tools to install.

2)Quality:"Paper-made"for you, to sit, be durable!

The products have passed professional stress test, and wet weather, dry weather

resistance, quality as high quality solid wood furniture.Its load-bearing  capacity,

anti-moisture ability, and anti-drying capacity are far more than melamine board

furniture in market.

Moisture resistance---high quality paper with this function

Weight capacity---5mm thickness melamine board,weight capacity for each

cube can be 25kg.

StructureOur patented structure, can be durable and repeatedly detachable


Takes about 15 minutes, don't need any tools.



1)Reduce the cost of transport,don't need any  tools to detach, can be taken

away  in carton packing, so light products is cost-effective.

2)For the exhibitors: the characteristics can be repeated use of many times

to reduce the cost of displaystands rental.

3)Home shelves or business products show: reduce the cost of procurement.

2. Environmental protection: the core material of our product is recycled paper

tube, free formaldehyde;

3. Cost-effective: splice structure, can be repeatedly detachable, if demaged

for long-term use, just need to change a replacement parts ;

4. Suitable for any application: decoration display shelf for family, file rack for

office, cargo rack for supermarket or warehouse, portable display stand for fairs

(can be quickly assembled).


Great weight capacity paper tubes frame made by our patented machine with high quality paper,

connected with our patented pvc connections,these material completely free formaldehyde,

will be healthier.

Frame details:paper tubes+ pvc connections(our patented)


Step:1)sort out all the parts;2)install each layer:put the paper tubes and connections as picture show;3)connect the pvc connections and paper tubes;4)insert the paper tubes vertically;5)put the boards on the frame;6)repeat above steps  for each  layer;7)stack all layers by order,finish.

Installation steps can refer the shelf as follows:


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